Embrace Beauty Magazine was created  by Laylonna L Hurley in December 2014 and launched their first edition of EBM in 2015 


Embrace Beauty Magazine LLC is an international POD (print on demand) and digital publication. EBM celebrates not only Beauty/Photography/Arts but the never ending creativity of Lifestyles of modern day trends. We signify the beauty each and everyone possesses. WE EMBRACE EXTRAORDINARY CREATIVITY!

We Encourage * Empower* Enhance *Educate * Elevate* EMBRACE


Embrace Beauty Magazine LLC is an international publication  celebrateing beauty, photography,art and the never ending creativity of lifestyles of modern day trends! Music, Poems, Stories, Beauty, Fashion, Makeup & Hair, we are a non-judgmental magazine focusing on bringing awareness to the issues of today! We are pushing fashion forward, breaking molds of what society thinks defines beauty and embracing not only our own beauty but each others!

Embrace Beauty Magazine accepts all body types, ages and genders. WE feel that beauty comes in all shapes and has no limits!

We embrace extraordinary creativity


we used these keywords to - Empower - Encourage - Educate - Enhance - Elevate - Embrace

we wish to create a bonding experience that unites our sisters in unity that is pure and lifting each other to highest levels of contentment and enlightenment.

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